Corporate Investigations



private_detectiveA certified Private Investigator (PI) is trained in the art of investigations and surveillance.  Recover Logic Corporate Investigators are retired law enforcement officers from state, local, and federal agencies who have conducted thousands of investigations.

Today’s investigations can be extremely complex, and Recover Logic’s investigative team possesses a broad range of specialized expertise. We employ the most cutting-edge methodologies and tools to carry out even the most demanding investigations including electronic measures and counter measures, surveillance system placement and analysis, financial fraud, data mining, trade secrets, corporate espionage, and employee relations. We will uncover the precise, accurate information you need quickly, affordably, and confidentially – our investigators maintain the utmost standard of professional discretion.

Should you need an investigation, we can perform one led by a licensed professional who has specialized in your area of concern. Don’t settle for any PI, choose a subject-matter expert with thousands of hours of investigation and courtroom experience who is uniquely qualified to handle your investigation properly and professionally. [hr]


Cd details on a magnifying glassTechnological advancements in electronic eavesdropping devices has spawned a booming industry known as “electronic espionage”. These devices and techniques waged against government agencies and corporate America have attributed to over $45 Billion in annual losses to nearly half of the fast growth companies who have suffered information breaches or corporate espionage in the past 12-24 months according to Price Waterhouse Coopers.

An unprecedented amount of eavesdropping equipment is now publicly available from hundreds if not thousands of web sites worldwide, the U.S. State Department estimates that approximately 800 million dollars of bugging equipment is sold in the United States each year.  These devices include pinhole cameras, high gain microphones, remote recording devices, and GPS trackers.

The value of intellectual property has increased to such a degree that many fast growth CEO’s have increased spending by 31% to protect and secure their intellectual assets since 9/11.  Although physical security is important it is equally crucial to apply security measures to counter those technological advancements that have become so easily obtainable by managing high risk locations with counter measure services.

If you’re worried that your hotel room, meeting room, office or conference room may be under surveillance wouldn’t you want to know, don’t let your competition take the advantage by stealing your intellectual property or conduct covert spying of your personal space.  Not only can we detect and find these hidden devices, our investigation team can track and identify the source so it will not happen again.

If you’re interested in enhancing your physical security we offer a wide range of covert surveillance systems designed to protect, deter, capture and archive your company’s assets with state of the art motion detection, live capture, image to e-mail or text and audio playback.  Don’t be caught off guard, know in advance to protect against personal security breaches and corporate espionage.


At Recover Logic our team of experts are trained in the latest detection techniques to readily identify bugging devices, hidden cameras, telephone taps of analog and VoIP telephone systems, and a host of other asymmetric devices capable of obtaining your companies confidential information.

We pride ourselves in protecting your intellectual assets against highly technical penetration techniques and providing you with accurate intelligence information that will result in the discovery of the covert operators.