Data Recovery


We take pride in our ability give customers the absolute best chance to recover their vital data. With that goal in mind, we enforce the strictest possible guidelines of cleanliness and processes in our laboratory.

Our cleanroomdata recovery clean room is a strictly-controlled environment where hard disk drives are serviced and disassembled.



folderlockElectronic Data Storage devices come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations; they can be as simple as a thumb drive or as complex as a RAID array on a production server. At Recover Logic our data recovery experts have the experience and expertise to recover or restore your data.

Lost pictures of loved ones, irreplaceable documents, special work product, that book or manuscript you’ve been working on, or even your music projects can be recovered with our tested recovery techniques.

Has your hard drive completely failed? Don’t give up, our drive recovery process can get your data back and get you back in business for a fraction of the cost of  “Internet Data Recovery Specials.” If your hard drive has failed, don’t depend on some unknown Data Recovery Lab with a slick web site—trust Recover Logic for your data recovery.  Our data recovery experts have recovered lost files from thousands of hard drives, and we specialize in government and public sector clients.  No recovery project is too small for Recover Logic.