Computer Forensics is a newly emerging trend in computer security, but don’t let that dissuade you from the immense benefits of retaining an Expert Forensic Investigator.

So what exactly is Computer Forensics? It is the scientific process of acquiring and analyzing information stored in any electronic format, for the purpose of preserving its integrity, investigating allegations, finding the facts, and presenting the findings.

These statistics may sound familiar: 85% of all corporate data is stored electronically; 93% of new data is stored electronically; and approximately 75% of this information is never printed.

Consequently, in almost every legal matter, critical and relevant evidence will be stored electronically. Proper collection and examination of this evidence is critical to prevent spoliation and preserve the evidence.


page2-img1Electronic discovery refers to discovery in civil litigation involving information in electronic format, also referred to as Electronically Stored Information (ESI). Electronic information is different from paper information because of its intangible form, volume, transience, and persistence.

Also, electronic information is usually accompanied by meta-data, which is not present in paper documents. The preservation of meta-data in electronic documents presents special challenges to prevent spoliation. Proper collection of electronic evidence is essential to prevailing in a litigation hearing, and often requires expertise beyond the skills of IT staff who haven’t received specialized training.

At Recover Logic we prepare our clients in advance for litigation and compliance solutions, so they can respond immediately to official requests for documents needed by investigators or regulatory agencies.

Our E-Discovery methodology provides a logical compliance solution for legal compliance, risk management, information security, and audit professionals, with little or no disruption of services. With Recover Logic’s E-Discovery solution our clients have the ability to resolve the issue in-house or delegate more complex requests to our team of professionals, who will provide a comprehensive and efficient solution at a fraction of the cost.


In today’s digital world, most evidence is likely to be digital in nature.  Without the assistance of a trained IT forensics expert, you run the risk of contaminating or destroying valuable evidence which could one day be vital your investigation—or in the case of litigation, cost you your case.

A computer forensics investigation performed by certified forensics experts can help you uncover the truth about a situation, allowing you to take appropriate containment and remediation actions based on the facts.  With respect to litigation, proper computer forensics can give you an extreme edge over opposing council.

For both computer forensics and E-discovery, investigators must be trained in the latest techniques and tools available to validate their findings.  Recover Logic’s forensic investigators all have prior law enforcement experience, and are subject-matter specialists capable of providing expert witness testimony. All of our tools and methods have been tested and evaluated to validate their accuracy and reliability.