Executive Mangement



 Lydell Wall

Lydell Wall is the President of Recover Logic, Inc. and a key member of their Enterprise Incident Response Team. Mr. Wall is a certified computer forensic expert with knowledge in Computer/Digital Media Forensics. Mr. Wall’s vast expertise in computer forensics is distinguished by his leading role in the Lacy Peterson investigation, in which he served as the primary computer forensic analyst and gave expert testimony in the successful prosecution of Scott Peterson. This achievement earned him the first-ever Timothy Fidel Memorial Award for excellence in computer forensics investigations.

Mr. Wall is a former law enforcement officer with over three decades of experience. He served as a federal agent for the US Marshalls Office on the Sacramento Valley Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force, where he successfully investigated and prosecuted numerous high-technology cases. Most notably, Mr. Wall implemented and supervised the sexual predator apprehension program televised nationally on “Good Morning America,” which introduced American audiences to the grave threat to children posed by sexual predators.  This program spurred national interest and inspired the “To Catch A Predator” Dateline series, which exposed sexual predators on national television and facilitated their eventual capture.